How To Be an Educated Professional Customer

The benefit of the internet is that it gives the consumer the opportunity to really learn what is the difference between truly superior service and what is not. When one studies the details that make up a quality product they can learn that a higher price is not always indicitive of a better service. In fact when it comes to professional services the price may be indicative of a lack of preparation on the client side. For more evidence of a CPA that makes this exact point about HUD audits please view the video referenced.

The other thing to understand is that much of the cost of professional services is related to firm overhead. Take into consideration where the firm is located in terms of being located in a high rent district. If a firms staff is larger there is likely to be more levels of review which can increase the number of hours to complete work. Though levels of review will likely have a benefit in terms of how complete and accurate the reports are. If the reason you are getting an audited financial statement is entirely for compliance with terms of a multifamily mortgage received from Housing and Urban Development then the levels of review will probably not produce enough value to make them worthwhile. There certainly are professional firms that their signature carries enough weight to result in more respect from bankers and investors. If you are looking for financing or funds from either of those sources then who is signing the audit may be the most important decision that you make.

Learning the process of the audit will certainly be beneficial in assuring the cost is lower and that deadlines are met. Some audits have segments that most be done at year end. Missing that deadline can result in exceptions in the audit report or large cost over runs.